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Communication is key in life and business

Our full service communications agency, led by experienced professionals with decades of experience in public relations, journalism, event organization and production, is at your disposal.

Our strength lies in a strong network of associates. We want to help you create and send the right messages that will be heard and understood by those you are speaking to.

Regardless of whether it is a local, national or regional project, we are here to support your goals. Our long-term cooperation with leading international and domestic companies, non-governmental organizations, state, scientific and educational institutions, as well as the media, makes us a reliable partner in achieving your communication goals.

To achieve success, you first need a good plan

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals through effective communication. In cooperation with you, we create strategies and tactics that deliver results.

We focus on making sure your messages reach your target audience and are clear and understandable.

Our plan includes the use of practical tools from various fields, including public relations, marketing, social media and networking. Your success is our priority!

The invaluable role of the media in communication

For years, our agency has successfully cooperated with a wide and strong network of leading journalists and editors from all major media outlets in Serbia. Through this cooperation, we solve the consequences of public speech in crisis situations with real information and direct contact with key people in the media. Our relations with the media are characterized by a high degree of trust and understanding of their needs in the preparation and distribution of information.

How to choose the right words?

We prepare clear and sharp messages - whether it's about preparing posts on social networks to writing "White Paper" documents and speeches. Our experienced editors help clients prepare content that will guarantee a quality yet unique tone of communication. We are ready to curate and edit existing content in real-time and always initiate or engage in following or ongoing public threads.

Do you want everyone to understand you well?

We use effective solutions and platforms for high-quality communication with employees, business partners, clients and state institutions.

By using "tailor-made" vocabulary and messages delivered through the right communication channels, we take care that everything is communicated in the right way.

What makes our approach different is our journalistic roots and experience in public communication. We instinctively know how to quickly prepare quality content and messages that will be shared with the audience you want to reach.

Be ready for public speaking

Our goal is for you to be confident and effective in your media appearances, whether it's studio appearances, giving statements, participating in press conferences, lecturing or speaking in front of a large crowd. We provide you with the knowledge and techniques to make the most of your performance. We want you to convey the message in the right way, choose the right facts, and know how to react in situations when you are asked an "awkward question". Our coaches are renowned journalists and editors of national print and electronic media with extensive experience in their work and coaching.

Do you need attractive and understandable material for good communication?

From concept and design to complete production and distribution - every step will be carefully made.

  • Electronic magazines, E-newsletters and E-brochures: We provide creative solutions for your digital publications. Whether it's a monthly newsletter, a special issue or a brochure, our team will create engaging content and enable you to reach your target audience.
  • Web portals: We develop a complete solution for your web portal - from design and development to maintenance. Our experts will make sure that your portal is intuitive, fast and visually appealing.
  • Social Media Campaigns: We create social media strategies that will capture the attention of your audience. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or another platform, we will design campaigns that will increase your visibility and engagement.
  • Corporate magazines in digital and print: Our team will help you create corporate publications that will inform, inspire and connect your employees and partners.
  • Documentary films, reportages, testimonials, short video forms, podcasts, interviews: our production includes various formats of video content. Whatever the topic, we'll help you tell your story in the best possible way.
  • Space and venue branding: If you want your brand to be present at events, our team will come up with creative solutions for branding spaces, stands or any other place.

From meetings and briefings to conferences and congresses

Our team deals with the organization of various events, providing support to clients "from start to finish". Here are a few types of events we have successfully implemented:

  • Business and press conferences: We provide comprehensive organization of conferences, including planning, logistics, communication with media and guests.
  • Working lunches and meetings with key media people: Our team ensures that meetings are efficient and productive, enabling clients to achieve their goals.
  • Press trips: We organize trips for journalists and media professionals to research specific topics or events.
  • Promotional and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities: Our support includes the organization of promotional campaigns and socially responsible initiatives.


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